Mahathma Gandhi Road bagged New York International Film Festival Award for best Documentary

Dammam: The documentary Mahatma Gandhi Road, Produced by Mansoor Palloor who is a prominent writer and Indian Overseas Congress Middle East convener, in association with Hrithu Films, Won the prestigious New York International Film Festival Awards for the year 2020 .

‘Mahatma Gandhi Road’ is scripted and directed by renowned National and International Award winning director R Sarath.

This documentary deals with the contemporary realities through the perspective of a woman .The documentary focuses on the Mahatma Gandhi Road in Thiruvananthapuram

The Woman who portraits the protagonist in the documentary buy new khadi sarees during every Gandhi Jayanti. There by she starts exploring more about khadi clothing, and the fact that how khadi clothing became a part of Mahatma Gandhi’s life, who renounced his own clothing for the sake of the nation and its people. During the period of the freedom movement some indigenous handicrafts and traditions were established as symbols of independence and resistance. The most important of these national symbols was the khadi .

In this documentary the protagonist, recognise that clothing is not just about covering the body, they connect with memory, identity, history, ritual,culture, race, gender, and vision. After this realisation that cloths have certain values, she develops the ability to see her clothes as her second skin.

The documentary ‘Mahatma Gandhi Road ‘ embarks on a journey in search of the reasons behind khadi’s production . The Documentary has been shortlisted for International festivals in Montreal and Sweden .The film was completed just before the expansion of covid19.

Mansoor Palloor, the producer of the documentary, has been a prominent figure in socio cultural life in Gulf.

His work “To whom does the 21st Century Belong? “as a writer has been widely discussed and a documentary based on this book has been released . He has also been the Consultant Editor of the book ‘C K Menon Manushya Snehathinte Maruvakk (C K Menon – The Answer to Human Love)’.He currently resides in Saudi Arabia.