ICRF Started Summer Charity Activities and Awareness Campaigns.

Manama: The Indian Community Relief Fund (“ICRF”) has started its usual summer special program of ICRF Thirst-Quenchers – distributing bottled water and fruits to workers. The basic purpose of such activity is to teach workers on the importance of drinking water and encourage them on how to be healthy during the summer. This is the 5th year of ICRF Thirst Quenchers distribution of water and bananas.

ICRF Thirst-Quenchers intends to continue this weekly event for the next 8 to 10 weeks in various worksites as they are one of the most affected, toiling under the summer heat. The first of the series is held today at Charilaos Apostolides (Bahrain) WLL (CHAPO) worksite in Budaiya, supporting around 200 workers.

Additionally, ICRF volunteers have distributed face masks and anti-bacterial soaps, along with flyers that explain the measures that can be followed to stay safe during COVID-19.

ICRF Thirst Quenchers convenor Sudheer Thirunilath ICRF Volunteers Suresh Kumar, Muralikrishnan, Sunil Kumar, and Nisha Rangarajan were present at the event today.