KIMS sets up Kingdom’s first private hospital for COVID patients

Manama: The KIMS Healthcare group is honored to have collaborated with the National Task Force for Combatting the Coronavirus by opening its new independent hospital in Umm Al Hassan to assist in the fight against Covid-19 in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This hospital project of the KIMS group was being set up as an
affordable care hospital. However, to meet the current
demands of inpatient Covid care in Bahrain, the KIMS group has
fast-tracked the completion of the inpatient facility and has
dedicated it to the care of Covid positive patients. KIMS has
thus become the first private healthcare chain in the Kingdom
to provide round-the-clock hospital services for COVID patients
through a dedicated team of doctors and nurses.

KIMS will be working together with Bahrain’s National
Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus in managing the patient
flow.  Covid positive patients who are mildly to moderately symptomatic will get admitted into the facility based on
recommendations from the Public Health Authority.

Talking about the facility, Mr. Ahmed Jawahery, Chairman of
KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre, said, “We aim to complement
the efforts of the Government of Bahrain and the National Task
Force in Combating Coronavirus. We recognize the need to
aggressively build the capacity and will thus be supporting it in
every way.”
The Group Chief Executive Officer, KIMS Healthcare Group, Dr.
Sheriff Sahadulla, reflecting on the public-private partnership,
further added, “It is imperative for the public and private
entities to come together and increase capabilities, considering
the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the Kingdom of
Bahrain. I am grateful for all the KIMS doctors nurses and staff
who have volunteered for this challenging but much needed
For more information, please call 39301151.