ٍShura Council approves bill on amending Housing Law

Manama: The Shura Council today held its 28th meeting remotely, under the chairmanship of Ali bin Saleh Al-Saleh.

The session approved a draft-law on amending Article (3) of Decree-Law 10/1976 on housing.

The bill, which is attached to Decree 3/2020, aims to enable the beneficiaries of the housing services to deal with their property as they deem necessary to the needs of the their family, without being restricted to the seven-year period.

After the consent of the Ministry of Housing, the beneficiaries of housing services may dispose of their property in any way of transferring their ownership, including sale, barter, gift, will or endowment.

The Shura Council also reviewed the Public Utilities and Environment Committee’s report on a draft law on regulating and controlling international trade in endangered species from groups of animals and plants, accompanying Decree 59/2018.

The session endorsed a number of articles of the bill, and returned others to the committee for further study.