Indian businessman offers free accommodation facilities for expats needing Home Isolation.

The Chairman of Ocean Gate and Rubicon Hotel Management Company, Dr. Muhammad Rafeek has offered free accommodation for the benefit of expats who have been directed to undergo home isolation, but do not have any adequate means to isolate themselves.

A lot of people from the expat labor community are usually housed in cramped shared accommodation spaces, which defeats the purpose of home isolation. When they return from their home countries and are recommended home isolation, it becomes virtually impossible to do so, due to the lack of space, as well as due to financial constraints that prevents these expats from finding other individual accommodation.
This is the prime reason for Dr Rafeek’s offer of free accommodation to these needy individuals.

With this humanitarian gesture, Rubicon has provided the much needed helping hand in times of crisis. In the current circumstances, Ocean Gate and Rubicon has expressed it’s sincere commitment towards helping in any way possible to stop the spread of the virus.

All Bahrain nationals and residents are engaged in a concerted effort to fight the pandemic. Dr. Rafeek has promised all necessary assistance to the Ministry of Health to help stop the spread of the virus in Bahrain.

If needed, Dr. Rafeek has assured that he is willing to provide to the Ministry of Health, various hotels and apartments under the management of Ocean Gate and Rubicon where as many as 500 individuals can be accommodated. Dr. Rafeek said that this offer shall be communicated to the Ministry immediately.

It must be noted that Dr. Rafeek has been active in social service engagements for many years and his humanitarian gesture in these trying times is highly commendable.

Surely this noble gesture would reinforce the efforts undertaken to combat the deadly virus. The Kerala businessman is actively participating in the programs initiated by HRH Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, to effectively resist the coronavirus pandemic.

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